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Archived Comments for: Atrazine-induced apoptosis of splenocytes in BALB/C mice

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  1. Atrazine toxicity

    Heikki Savolainen, Dept. of Occup.Safety & Hlth., Tampere, Finland

    26 November 2011

    Dear Editor,

    This interesting study opens new possible mechanisms for the elusive atrazine effects. In our own investigations, it was absorbed also through the skin with a very extensive metabolism in man and in a animal model (1). Thus, one wonders whether the findings are due to the parent compound or its metabolites. Apart from occasional cutaneous allergy cases, the exposure in our work was not associated with medium-term adverse effects. Therefore, the idea presented in the paper should be further examined.

    1 Ikonen R, Kangas J, Savolainen H. Urinary atrazine metabolites as indicators for rat and human exposure to atrazine. Toxicol Lett 1988; 44: 109-112

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