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Archived Comments for: Mental illness related disparities in diabetes prevalence, quality of care and outcomes: a population-based longitudinal study

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  1. comments and question for Qun Mai's paper

    Fenglian Xu, university of New South Wales

    26 November 2011

    This is a well designed study. I am deeply impressed by the complicated linked data which included mental health registry, electoral roll registrations, hospital inpatient discharges, emergency department attendances, death registrations, Medicare Benefits Scheme claims and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme claims. The technique for the linkage is on an advanced level. The research found that mental health clients were more likely to admit to hospital for diabetes and its complications diagnoses. These results make a useful contribution to the literature and provide important evidence for the planning of diabetic care, primary health care and mental health services.

    A question for the study cohorts:
    The comparison group, non-MHCs, were a random sample of people who were on the electoral roll. Why not use the whole population rather than a sample of the comparable non-MHCs on the electoral roll as the comparison group?

    Competing interests