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Table 1 Countries included into the analyses

From: An international comparison of deceased and living organ donation/transplant rates in opt-in and opt-out systems: a panel study

Country Consent system Source of consent information
Argentina Opt-out 4,11,17
Australia Opt-in 4,5,11,16,17
Austria Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Belarus Opt-out 16
Belgium Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Brazil Opt-ina 4,16
Bulgaria Opt-out 4,5
Canada Opt-in 4,5,11,16,17
Columbia Opt-out 11,16,17
Costa Rica Opt-out 4,16
Croatia Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Cuba Opt-in 11,16
Czech Republic Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Denmark Opt-in 4,5,11,16,17
Ecuador Opt-out 11,16
Finland Opt-out 4,5,11,16
France Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Germany Opt-in 4,5,11,16
Greece Opt-out 4,5,11
Guatemala Opt-in 11
Hong Kong Opt-inb
Hungary Opt-out 4,5,11,17
Republic of Ireland Opt-in 4,5,11,16
Israel Opt-inc
Italy Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Japan Opt-in 5,11,16
Latvia Opt-out 4,5
Lebanon Opt-in 17
Lithuania Opt-ind
Malaysia Opt-in 11,16,17
Mexico Opt-in 11,16
The Netherlands Opt-in 4,5,11,16,17
New Zealand Opt-in 4,5,11,16,17
Panama Opt-out 4,11
Poland Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Portugal Opt-out 4,5,11,17
Puerto Rico Opt-in 18
Romania Opt-in 4,5,16
Russia Opt-out 16
Singapore Opt-out 4,11,16
Slovak Republic Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Spain Opt-out 4,5,11,16
Sweden Opt-out 4,5,11,16,17
Taiwan Opt-inb
Tunisia Opt-out 11,16
UK Opt-in 4,5,11,16,17
USA Opt-in 4,5,11,16,17
Venezuela Opt-in 4,11,16
  1. aBrazil’s opt-out law was abolished in 1998 [16]. Therefore, this was regarded as an opt-in country despite the fact that the opt-in legislation was not in in place until 2001 [4]. bAccording to the source people are required to join a register if they wished to donate their organs. Therefore, this was regarded as an opt-in country. cIsrael’s consent legislation has been categorized as opt-in by some studies [17],[18] and opt-out by others [4],[5]. According to the source people are required to sign a donor card to testify that they wish to donate their organs after their death. Therefore, we regarded Israel as an opt-in country. dThe majority of research [4],[5],[11],[17] regards Lithuania as an opt-in country. However, one study [18] regarded this country as opt-out. In this country people can register their consent and dissent for organ donation. If people have not registered this, then consent is requested from next-of-kin. If the next-of-kin cannot be contacted, donation can only occur if it is an emergency. In all other cases consent is required from either the deceased or their next-of-kin. Therefore, we concurred with the vast majority of previous research in categorizing Lithuania as an opt-in country.