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Table 3 Adequacy of the 24-hour urinary collection using the current reference values and the new prediction model, in the whole SKIPOGH population and in the elderly patients

From: New anthropometry-based age- and sex-specific reference values for urinary 24-hour creatinine excretion based on the adult Swiss population

Classification according to current reference values Classification according to the new prediction model a Percentage of reclassified samples
Incomplete Adequate Overcollected
(<10th centile) (10th to 90th cent) (>90th centile)
Whole population     44.2%
Incomplete 57 247 1b  
Adequate 1 406 10  
Overcollected 0 180 92  
Older population (age >60 years)     59.9%
Incomplete 8 141 1b  
Adequate 0 84 10  
Overcollected 0 2 11  
  1. aThe selection of 10th to 90th as cut-off is arbitrary and should be interpreted as an example of application of the prediction equation; bthis observation is from a 90-year-old woman with 24-hour urinary creatinine of 132 μmol/kg/24 hours and BMI 23.8 kg/m2. Values represent number of people. Current reference values for adequate 24-hour urinary collection: 177 to 221 μmol/kg (20 to 25 mg/kg) in men and 133 to 177 μmol/kg (15 to 20 mg/kg) in women.