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Table 6 Mediators/predictors of short-term dietary intake (<12 months)

From: Successful behavior change in obesity interventions in adults: a systematic review of self-regulation mediators

Putative mediators (categories) Formal mediation analyses All analyses
Number of studies Times tested Effect, % Number of studies Times tested Effect, %
↑ Self-efficacy/barriers     6 12 75*
↑ Self-regulation skill usage     5 12 75*
↑ Motivational readiness     1 4 0
  1. Notes: Blank spaces correspond to variables that were not tested in formal mediation analyses. Times tested refers to the number of times a variable was analyzed; Effect, % refers to the number of times an effect was found and is expressed as percentage. Since mediation analyses were not conducted, results are organized according to the number of times each variable was tested in the overall analyses, depicted in the fifth column, in descent order. * ≥ 50% of these effects are based on correlational analyses. [↑] means that higher value of (variable) was associated with improved outcomes.