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Figure 1

From: Emergence and potential for spread of Chikungunya virus in Brazil

Figure 1

Timeline of laboratory confirmed CHIKV cases in Brazil 2014. Shown are imported (black) and autochthonous (red and blue) CHIKV cases in Brazil between April and September 2014 (A). As of September, autochthonous cases had been reported in Feira de Santana, a municipality in Bahia state, north-eastern Brazil (red) and in Amapa state, north Brazil, bordering French Guiana. Also shown is the timeline of confirmed CHIKV in Amapa and Bahia state (B), along with patients’ travel history and municipality of residence. Grey circles indicate imported cases, while blue and red circles indicate localized transmission. Filled squares indicate patient samples whose viruses were sequenced. (C) Map of confirmed cases and federal states with confirmed cases.

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