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Figure 3

From: Accuracy of microRNAs as markers for the detection of neck lymph node metastases in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 3

Heatmap representations of the 47 differentially expressed microRNAs with fold-change ≥2 and P value <0.05 (Rank Products) in the comparison between four metastatic lymph nodes (M: 7A, 1A, 8A, and 9A) and two non-metastatic lymph nodes (NM: 4C and 5C) resected from patients with T2N0 tongue squamous cell carcinomas. Non-supervised hierarchical clustering plotted based on the average ΔCt values. Up-regulated and down-regulated microRNAs are shown as red and blue, respectively. The columns represent samples and the microRNAs differentially expressed are shown in the lines.

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