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Fig. 1

From: A combination SMS and transportation reimbursement intervention to improve HIV care following abnormal CD4 test results in rural Uganda: a prospective observational cohort study

Fig. 1

Study flowchart for a combination intervention to improve HIV linkage to care in rural Uganda. Participants in the pre-intervention period served as a control group. Participants in the intervention period with CD4 count below a clinician-selected threshold were randomized to receive one of three short message service (SMS) text messages to inform them of abnormal laboratory results: 1) a direct message which stated that test results were abnormal and they should return to clinic, 2) a personal identification number (PIN)-protected message that was otherwise identical to the direct message, and 3) a coded message reading “ABCDEFG” to deliver an abnormal result message confidentially. Those who returned to clinic within seven days received a transportation incentive

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