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Table 2 Contraindications for lung transplantation

From: Interstitial lung diseases in the hospitalized patient

Absolute contraindications • Active malignancy in the last 2 years except for cutaneous squamous and basal cell tumors
• Untreatable dysfunction of another major organ
• Incurable extrapulmonary infection
• Significant chest wall or spine deformity
• Inability to follow through with medical therapy
• Lack of dependable social support
• Substance addiction within the last 6 months
Relative contraindications • Age older than 70 years (65 in some centers)
• Critical or unstable clinical condition
• Severely limited functional status with poor rehabilitation potential
• Colonization with highly resistant or virulent bacteria, fungi
• Severe obesity (a body mass index > 30 kg/m2)
• Severe or symptomatic osteoporosis