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Table 1 Exercise intensities of the high intensity (HI) and low-to-moderate intensity (LMI) resistance and endurance exercise programs

From: Randomized controlled trial of the effects of high intensity and low-to-moderate intensity exercise on physical fitness and fatigue in cancer survivors: results of the Resistance and Endurance exercise After ChemoTherapy (REACT) study

  Resistance exercises (1-RM) a Endurance interval exercises Endurance interval exercises Counseling
(six exercises targeting the large muscle groups) Part A (MSEC) a (8 min alternating workload) Part B (HRR) a (3 × 5 min constant workload)
HI exercise b 70–85 % 30/65 % ≥80 % Participants were encouraged to start or maintain a physically active lifestyle in addition to the supervised exercise sessions
LMI exercise b 40–55 % 30/45 % 40–50 %
  1. 1-RM, One-repetition maximum; MSEC, Maximum short exercise capacity; HRR, Heart rate reserve
  2. a Every 4 weeks (weeks 1, 5, and 9), the physiotherapist evaluated training progress and adjusted the workload accordingly
  3. b Exercises were accompanied with BORG scores and heart rate monitors to guide the physiotherapists. In cases where the training intensity seemed too high or too low, the 1-RM, MSEC, or HRR were reassessed