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Table 1 Comparison of clinical variables collected and those included in SNC guideline

From: Validation of the Scandinavian guidelines for initial management of minimal, mild and moderate traumatic brain injury in adults

Clinical variables collected SNC head CT guideline [19]
Post-traumatic seizure Post-traumatic seizure
Age Age ≥65 years
Vomiting, number of times Vomiting ≥2 times
Glasgow Coma Scale score Glasgow Coma Scale score
Suspected open skull fracture Clinical signs of depressed skull fracture
Signs of basilar skull fracture Clinical signs of basilar skull fracture
Diplopia, paralysis Focal neurologic deficit
All current neurologic conditions, including hydrocephalus Shunt-treated hydrocephalus
prothrombin ratio and international normalized ratio, not collected Coagulation disorders
All current medications including antiplatelet and anticoagulants Antiplatelet medication
Therapeutic anticoagulation
Loss of consciousness Suspected or confirmed loss of consciousness
All extracranial injuries Significant extracerebral injury
S100B levels S100B ≤0.10 μg/L