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Fig. 2

From: Mycobacterium tuberculosis whole genome sequencing and protein structure modelling provides insights into anti-tuberculosis drug resistance

Fig. 2

SNPs in candidate genes in isolates with a single mutation in each locus. The bars represent the allele frequency of the SNPs, and are coloured according to the MIC value. Black dots under bars represent non-synonymous mutations. Blue and red crosses represent mutations that have been found to be significant in the association and the convergent evolution phyC analyses, respectively. Structural data are available only for rpoB and katG (bottom panels). The protein stability and protein-protein interaction changes induced by the SNP as calculated by mCSM software are represented by the red and blue points, respectively, and magnitude is represented on the right y-axis. The distance of each mutated codon from the docked drug (left y-axis) is denoted by the black crosses. a Rv0667 rpoB (rifampicin). b Rv1908c katG (isoniazid). c Rv0682 rpsL (streptomycin). d Rv3795 embB (ethambutol). e Rv2641 cadI (ethambutol). SNPs single nucleotide polymorphisms, MIC minimum inhibitory concentration

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