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Table 1 Tuberculosis (TB) research priorities identified by researchers, funding received in 2014 and Global Plan funding targets for 2014

From: Investments in tuberculosis research – what are the gaps?

  2014 Global Funding ($m) Priority areas identified by researchersc
Targeta Actual spendingb (% of target)
Drugs 740 243.3 (33) Develop drugs (for drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB) with higher potency, lower toxicity and shorter duration of treatment; new prophylactic regimens; host direct therapies
Basic science 420 150.1 (36) Identify and validate biomarkers for monitoring decease activity, cure, relapse and of immune protection
Vaccines 380 111.3 (29) Develop safe and effective vaccines (for adults and HIV-infected patients); understand variability in effectiveness
Diagnostics 340 65.4 (19) Improve performance of existing tests; develop new point of care tests (for all forms, including latent and drug-resistant TB) that are cheap, rapid and sensitive
Operational research 80 52.8 (66) Assess strategies to optimize implementation of new tools; to improve health worker performance, private provider engagement and integration of TB services
  1. a2011–2015 Global Plan Target
  2. bTreatment Action Group 2015 Report on Tuberculosis research Funding Trends, 2005–2014: A Decade of Data
  3. cFrom literature and consultation with LSHTM TB Centre members