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Table 2 List of genes with complete deletion in the isoniazid-resistant outbreak strains

From: Genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from a London outbreak associated with isoniazid resistance

Genes name (function) Isolates: 02.292, 03.039, 04.018, 04.211, 04.493, 04.503, 07.116 03.313 05.177 Control
Phirv1 phage proteins (part of genomic island)
Rv1673c (conserved hypothetical protein)
Rv1675c (probable cAMP and macrophage regulator)
plcD (phosphoesterase)
Wag22 (antigen member, PE family)
Rv1760 (possible triacylglycerol synthase)
Rv1761c (unknown protein)
Rv1762c (unknown protein)
plcB (phosphoesterase)
plcA (membrane associated phospholipase)
PPE54 (part of PPE family)
PE_PGRS50 (antigen member, PE family)
PPE55 (part of PPE family)
Rv3349c (probable transposase)
Rv3371 (possible triacylglycerol synthase)
Rv3486 (membrane protein, function unknown)
  1. Comparison is also made with possible outbreak strain 03.313 (phylogenetically related but only streptomycin monoresistant). The symbol ✘ indicates that the gene contains extensive deletions, while the symbol indicates that the gene is still present. Deletions were found in 16 genes in the isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis outbreak isolates compared with the control strain 05.177. Additional comparison with another possible outbreak strain (03.313) reduced the total common deletions to 13 genes. PE and PPE: proline-glutamate (PE) and proline-proline-glutamate (PPE)