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Fig. 5

From: Post-mortem assessment in vascular dementia: advances and aspirations

Fig. 5

Neuroinflammatory markers in donated human brain tissue from older people. a Immunohistochemical labelling for the pan-selective microglial marker Iba-1. b Activated microglia in a phagocytic state, with amoeboid morphology, immunoreactive for lysosomal marker CD68 (clone PGM1). c Immunoreactivity for endothelial marker thrombomodulin (TM) in a small penetrating artery of the anterior putamen. d Immunoreactivity for the large plasma protein fibrinogen (FGEN) in deep subcortical white matter. Perivascular cells with astrocytic morphology show cellular labelling (arrows). e A localised cluster of activated microglia (CD68+ (PGM1)), indicating a focal white matter lesion within deep subcortical white matter. f Magnified image of E exhibiting a small arterial vessel. Haematoxylin counterstain was used in a–f. Scale bars represent 20 μm in images a, b and c; 100 μm in image e, and 50 μm in images d and f

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