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Fig. 4

From: The emerging threat of pre-extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in West Africa: preparing for large-scale tuberculosis research and drug resistance surveillance

Fig. 4

Comparison between WANETAM (blue) and WHO Global TB report, 2014 (red) MDR prevalence estimates. The country-specific WHO estimates were retrieved from the recent Global TB report, 2014, at (accessed 11.08.2015). The mean (triangle) percentage of MDR per all TB isolates is given for each country/study site and Africa, together with the respective 95 % CI. The upper panel shows results for new patients, the lower panel retreatment patients. The shaded areas display the global average (dotted line), including the range from the lower to upper limit of the 95 % CI. Note that in case of a potential strong selection bias, a limitation of the present study, the confidence intervals around the WANETAM mean might still reflect an overestimate of the true prevalence

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