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Fig. 2

From: Accuracy of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol estimation at very low levels

Fig. 2

Discordance between direct ultracentrifugation measured and novel method-estimated LDL-C. Levels of LDLd-C (vertical axis) and LDLn-C (horizontal axis) are presented on this logarithmically scaled color density plot, with increasing density from light blue to purple. Panel a : Overall population; Panel b : TG < 150 mg/dL; Panel c : TG 150–199 mg/dL; Panel d : TG 200–399 mg/dL. A line of unity is included as well as lines indicating LDL-C 70 mg/dL. LDLd-C: directly-measured LDL-C by ultracentrifugation; LDLn-C: Novel method-estimated LDL-C

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