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Table 1 Description of parameters varied in the simulation scenarios

From: The risk of type 2 oral polio vaccine use in post-cessation outbreak response

Quantity varied Values
Final base reproductive rate of reverted VDPV2 (R 0f) {1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0}
Initial reproductive rate of OPV2 as fraction of final R 0 (g) {0.25, 0.5}
Exponential timescale of R 0 reversion (λ) {60 days, 150 days}
No. of inactivated polio vaccine doses given to children born after OPV2 cessation (N IPV) {0, 1}
Distance dependence of migration rates (c) {–1, –2} (1/d, 1/d 2)
Population intestinal immunity in cohort of children born before OPV2 cessation Induced by three OPV campaigns at 80% coverage and 50% take (moderate immunity) or three OPV campaigns at 100% coverage and 100% take (high immunity)