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Table 1 QUADAS-2 results for studies of FIT assays

From: Faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) can help to rule out colorectal cancer in patients presenting in primary care with lower abdominal symptoms: a systematic review conducted to inform new NICE DG30 diagnostic guidance

Study Risk of bias Applicability concerns
Patient selection Index test Reference standard Flow and timing Patient Index test Reference standard
Auge 2016 [34] Low Low Low Low High Low Low
Cubiella 2014 [31] Low Low Low Low High Low Low
Godber 2016 [33] Low Low Unclear Low High Low Low
Krivec 2011 [30] Unclear High Unclear Unclear High Low High
McDonald 2013 [32] Low Low Unclear High High Low Unclear
Mowat 2015 [28] Low Low Low High High Low Low
Rodríguez-Alonso 2015 [29] Unclear Low Low Low High Low Low
Terhaar sive Droste 2011 [35] Low Low Low Unclear High Low Low
Thomas 2016 [52] Unclear Low Unclear High High Low Low