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Table 1 Summary of distribution of malaria interventions across asset-wealth index in sub-Saharan African countries in 2015a

From: State of inequality in malaria intervention coverage in sub-Saharan African countries

Intervention Pro-Poor Inequitable No difference across the asset-wealth index distribution
Household with at least one insecticide-treated net (ITN) for every two persons CIV, COG, GAB, GHA, LBR, NAM, ZWE AGO, BDI, BEN, BFA, CMR, COM, KEN, MLI, MOZ, MWI, NER, RWA, TZA, ZMB COD, GIN, MDG, NGA, SEN, SLE, TCD, TGO, UGA
Population who slept under an ITN last night CIV, COG, GAB, GHA, GIN, LBR, MDG, NAM, SLE, TGO, UGA, ZWE AGO, BDI, CMR, COM, KEN, MOZ, MWI, NER, RWA, TCD, TZA BEN, BFA, COD, MLI, NGA, SEN, ZMB
Household with insecticide residual spraying in the past 12 months BDI, BEN, COM, GHA, LBR, NAM, SEN, UGA, ZWE BFA, CIV, CMR, GAB, GIN, MOZ, NER, SLE, TCD, ZMB MDG, MLI, MWI, NGA, TZA
Mother received 3+ doses of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine during antenatal care visit   AGO, BEN, CIV, CMR, GHA, GIN, MLI, MOZ, NER, NGA, TCD, TGO, TZA, ZMB BDI, COD, COG, COM, GAB, KEN, LBR, MDG, MWI, NAM, SEN, SLE, UGA
Child (<5 years) with fever sought care at a formal provider   AGO, BEN, BFA, CIV, CMR, COG, GIN, KEN, LBR, MLI, MOZ, NER, NGA, RWA, TCD, TGO, TZA, UGA, ZWE BDI, COD, COM, GAB, GHA, MDG, MWI, NAM, SEN, SLE, ZMB
Child (<5 years) with fever treated with an antimalarial MOZ, MWI, TZA, ZMB AGO, BEN, BFA, CIV, CMR, COD, GAB, GIN, NER, NGA, TCD BDI, COG, COM, GHA, KEN, LBR, MDG, MLI, NAM, RWA, SEN, SLE, TGO, UGA, ZWE
  1. For each country (indicated by ISO3 codes), distribution of malaria intervention coverage indicators were assessed over population ranked by asset-wealth; the degree of inequality in distribution of interventions was summarized in concentration index (CIX). Interventions were classified as “Pro-poor” if the estimated CIX was negative, “Inequitable” if was CIX is positive, and as “No difference across the asset-wealth index distribution” if CIX was equal to zero or lacked statistical significance
  2. aData drawn from a subset of countries with Demographic and Health Survey/Malaria Indicator Survey conducted after 2010 (ISO3 codes and years of data collection are detailed in Additional file 1: Table SA1)