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Table 4 Significant up and down-regulated metabolites

From: Metabonomics uncovers a reversible proatherogenic lipid profile during infliximab therapy of inflammatory bowel disease

  1. (0), before 1st infusion of infliximab at week 0; (2), before 2nd infusion at week 2; (6), before 3rd infusion at week 6; (14), before 4th infusion at week 14
  2. increased or ↓ decreased compared to controls (The coefficients from the OPLS-DA results, positive and negative signs, indicate positive and negative correlation in the concentrations, respectively. The coefficient of 0.32–0.48 was used as the cut-off value in the different models (according to number of samples) for the evaluation of significant differences (P < 0.05)
  3. CD Crohn’s disease, GPC glycerophosphocholine, HDL high-density lipoprotein, NAG N-acetyl glycoprotein, Rem remission, U1, U2, U3 unknown metabolites, UC ulcerative colitis, VLDL very-low density lipoprotein