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Table 3 PCOS status at Survey 6 associated with BMI trajectory group membership

From: Group-based developmental BMI trajectories, polycystic ovary syndrome, and gestational diabetes: a community-based longitudinal study

Characteristics (Survey 6) MRG HRG
OR 95% CI P value OR 95% CI P value
PCOS (ref – no PCOS) 1.55 (1.29–1.86) <0.001 4.66 (3.73–5.83) <0.001
PCOSa (ref – no PCOS) 1.38 (1.10–1.72) 0.01 3.40 (2.31–5.01) <0.001
  1. Multinomial regression used to compare the association between PCOS status at Survey 6 and BMI trajectory groups; Reference group: Low-stable group
  2. aAdjusted for maternal age, baseline BMI, Asian ethnicity, and parity
  3. BMI body mass index, CI confidence interval, MRG moderately rising group, OR odds ratio, PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome, HRG high-rising group