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Table 1 Academic position descriptions within the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto

From: The perceived organizational impact of the gender gap across a Canadian department of medicine and proposed strategies to combat it: a qualitative study

Academic position Target percentage of professional time in clinical care Academic focus
Clinician-teacher 60–75% Teaching and clinical care
Clinician-educator 30–50% Education research, leadership, and administration
Clinician-investigator 30–50% Research and related CPAa
Clinician- scientist 10–25% Research (all types)
Clinician-administrator 0–25% Senior leadership role at faculty, university, or hospital level
Clinician-quality and innovation specialist 60–75% Quality improvement, patient safety, and healthcare innovation (includes teaching, research, and CPA)
  1. aCPA refers to creative professional activities, which are activities that demonstrate impact outside of the traditional clinical, research, or education domains [59]