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Table 2 Performance of the RF model for ‘intention request’ with the top five variables

From: Hepatitis B in Moroccan-Dutch: a quantitative study into determinants of screening participation

  Observed intention
Positive intention Negative intention
Predicted intention by RF Positive intention 132 (43.1%) 30 (9.8%)
Negative intention 68 (22.2%) 76 (24.8%)
  1. Data in this confusion matrix are presented as the numbers and percentages of observed and predicted respondents to have a positive or negative intention according to RF
  2. Performance metrics: ACC 0.680 (standard deviation, SD 0.116); AUC 0.722 (SD 0.080); SENS 0.815 (SD 0.105), and SPEC 0.525 (SD 0.115)