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Table 1 Estimates for key parameters affecting the transmissibility of chikungunya virus and the probability that an infection is reported. Sources are studies from which values were taken or studies that contained data that were used to estimate parameter values (see Methods for details)

From: Local and regional dynamics of chikungunya virus transmission in Colombia: the role of mismatched spatial heterogeneity

Parameter Value Source(s)
Symptomatic probability 0.72 See Table 2
Incubation period 3 days  
Reporting probability 0.08 [54]
Infectiousness parameters   [50]
c1 0.547  
c2 3.256  
c3 1.489  
Extrinsic incubation rate   [53]
a1 9.47 × 1012  
a2 9550  
Transmission probability 0.5