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Table 5 Association of preventive primary care, comorbidity and social factors on risk of ambulatory care sensitive chronic admissions in primary school-aged children

From: Impact of preventive primary care on children’s unplanned hospital admissions: a population-based birth cohort study of UK children 2000–2013

  Primary school
(aged 5–9 years)
HRa (95% CI)
 Incomplete vaccinationsb 2.24 (1.11–4.50)
 No development checkc No association
 Illness consultation rated 1.14 (1.11–1.16)
 Prematurity No association
 Congenital conditions No association
 Deprivatione 5 vs. 1 1.38 (1.10–1.72)
Diabetes No Associations
 Incomplete vaccinationsd 3.83 (1.21–12.07)
 No development checke No association
 Illness consultation ratec 1.09 (1.05–1.12)
 Prematurity No association
 Congenital conditions No association
 Deprivatione 5 vs. 1 No association
  1. aAdjusted hazard ratio and 95% confidence interval; hazard ratios have been adjusted for listed covariates as well as sex, maternal age and whether first child; covariates were added sequentially to the models, p values of < 0.05 were considered statistically significant
  2. bIn modelling admissions in infants, incomplete vaccination is a time updated variable; in children aged 1 and over, incomplete vaccination is less than three infant vaccinations
  3. cDid not complete infant development checks within primary care
  4. dAn illness consultation is a face-to-face consultation with a GP that is not for preventive care
  5. eIndex of multiple deprivation fifths (5 the most deprived, 1 least deprived)