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Table 1 Implementation outcome definitions

From: Implementation science and stigma reduction interventions in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Implementation Outcome Definitiona
Acceptability Perception that the intervention is agreeable, satisfactory, or confers relative advantage
Adoption Early uptake or intent to try
Appropriateness Pre-adoption perception of practicability, fit, or relevance
Cost Marginal cost, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit
Feasibility Whether the intervention is suitable for everyday use, practicable, or fits with provider workflow
Fidelity Whether the core components of an intervention were implemented as intended
Penetration Spread within an eligible population or level of institutionalization
Sustainability Extent to which an intervention can be maintained, routinized, or institutionalized by a provider or facility
  1. aAs defined by Proctor et al. (2011) [24]