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Table 1 Staff time associated with components of the paediatric febrile illness pathway

From: The cost of diagnostic uncertainty: a prospective economic analysis of febrile children attending an NHS emergency department

Activity Mean duration (min)
Triage time (nurse)* 4.5
Clinician consultation time (MTS green)* 16.2
Clinician consultation time (MTS yellow)* 19.4
Clinician consultation time (MTS orange)* 21.1
Clinician consultation time (MTS red)* 22.7
Clinician time—writing up patient notes# 10
Order blood/urine culture (clinician)# 10
Arrange X-ray (clinician)# 6
Book patient into the ED (receptionist)# 2
Refer patient to other specialties (clinician)# 20
Insert cannula (clinician)* 20
Provide antibiotics/other medicines (nurse)# 5
Visual assessment triage (nurse)* 2
Interpret results of ancillary investigations (clinician)# 10
  1. *Collected during time-in-motion study
  2. #Estimate provided by ED consultants