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Table 6 Relative rates (95% CI) associated with the calendar year and risk at start of statin treatment period, in Poisson models modelling CVD incidence

From: The uncertainty with using risk prediction models for individual decision making: an exemplar cohort study examining the prediction of cardiovascular disease in English primary care

  Female Male
Model Calendar year Risk at start of treatment Calendar year Risk at start of treatment
Development cohort 0.96 (0.96–0.96) NA 0.97 (0.97–0.97) NA
Statin users cohort 0.94 (0.93–0.94) NA 0.94 (0.94–0.94) NA
Statin users cohort (also adjusting for 10-year risk at inception into cohort) 0.94 (0.94–0.94) 1.02 (1.02–1.03) 0.94 (0.94–0.94) 1.02 (1.02–1.02)