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Table 1 AI initiatives underway to inform broad cross-sector standards

From: Building the case for actionable ethics in digital health research supported by artificial intelligence

Program Goal Collaborators
The Partnership on AI [30] Develop/test and share best practices 80+ partners in 13 countries
AI-100 [31] Impact of AI on urban life by 2030 in North America E. Horvitz, R. Altman
Ethics and Governance of AI Fund [32] Conduct evidence-based research Berkman Klein Center, Harvard and MIT Media Lab
AI Now Institute [33] Conduct evidence-based research New York University
Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems [34] Develop standards, certifications, codes IEEE and ACM
Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project [35] Analyze the use of big data, artificial intelligence, associated technologies University of Essex, United Nations
The Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence [36] Explore fundamental issues affecting the use and impact of AI Technical University of Munich partnership with Facebook
High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence [37] Recommend ELSI policy development on AI European Commission
Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence [38] Unite artificial intelligence science and technology professionals Ministry of Civil Affairs, China
AI for Humanity [39] Create an international group of AI experts to prepare for societal transformation Future of Life Institute, France