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Fig. 2

From: RTS,S/AS01E immunization increases antibody responses to vaccine-unrelated Plasmodium falciparum antigens associated with protection against clinical malaria in African children: a case-control study

Fig. 2

Relationship among antibody responses to RTS,S and non-RTS,S antigens after RTS,S/AS01E vaccination. a Principal component analysis (PCA) plots of individuals clustered by vaccine type. The first three principal components (Dim 1, Dim 2, and Dim 3) that explained the highest percentage of the variance of the IgG and IgM data at month 3 (percentage in parenthesis) were chosen for representation. b Contribution of the top 10 variables to the PCA Dim 2. The red dashed line indicates the expected average contribution. Any variable with a contribution above this cutoff can be considered as important in contributing to the component

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