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Table 3 Diagnostic methods

From: A systematic review of clinical guidelines on the management of acute, community-acquired CNS infections

  1. The table shows the diagnostic methods recommended for patients with suspected viral or bacterial aetiologies. CT should not delay antibiotic treatment for suspected bacterial meningitis
  2. Abbreviations: IEC International Encephalitis Consortium, EFNS European Federation of Neurological Societies, DNS Dansk Neurologisk Selskab, DGN: VM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie: Virale Meningoeczephalitis, PHE: VE Public Health England: Viral Encephalitis, BIA: ABN British Infection Association: Association of British Neurologists, BPAIIG The British Paediatric Allergy Immunology and Infections Group, AEPED Asociación Española de Pediatría, SPILF Société de Pathologie Infectieuse de Langue Française, PHE: ME Public Health England: Meningoencephalitis, NNF: Norsk Nevrologisk Forening, ESCMID European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, DSI Dansk Selskab for Infektionsmedicin, DGN: BM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie: Bakterielle Meningoenzephalitis, HPSC Health Protection Surveillance Centre, NVN Nederlandse Vereniging voor Neurologie, MHSSE Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, NICE The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, UKJSS UK Joint Specialist Societies, SIGN Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, IDSA Infectious Diseases Society of America, MSF Médecins Sans Frontières, CT computerised tomography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, EEG electroencephalogram
  3. *Adults only
  4. **Children only
  5. If MRI unavailable
  6. ¤Depending on clinical and epidemiological features
  7. Prior to lumbar puncture only if signs of elevated intracranial pressure (ICP)
  8. ^If seizures or consciousness disorder
  9. ^^If LP contraindicated
  10. Viral encephalitis/meningoencephalitis, Bacterial meningitis