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Table 2 Number of positive screen tests and number of referrals per detected CIN2+ or CIN3+ lesion

From: Introduction of primary screening using high-risk HPV DNA detection in the Dutch cervical cancer screening programme: a population-based cohort study

  CytologyHPVDifference per round (%)
Positive screens
  Number of positives needed to detect oneCIN2+4.46.344
  Number of referrals needed to detect oneCIN2+1.92.747
  Number of referrals needed to detect oneCIN2+1.31.3−2
  Number of referrals needed to detect oneCIN2+3.04.757
  1. N.B. Triage algorithms for ASC-US/LSIL screens differ between the cytology-based and hrHPV-based programmes; in the hrHPV-based programme, all hrHPV-positive, ASC-US/LSIL screens are directly referred, whereas in the cytology-based programme, ASC-US/LSIL screens were triaged for repeat cytology after 6 months
  2. *Total includes all positive hrHPV tests irrespective of the reflex cytology result (includes hrHPV-positive screens with reflex cytology of NILM, inadequate or missing)