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Table 1 Prevalence of risk factors by country income groups

From: Prevention and management of CVD in LMICs: why do ethnicity, culture, and context matter?

Risk factors, % of populationLow incomeLow middle incomeUpper middle incomeHigh income
Tobacco use, men31324333
Tobacco use, women33518
Insufficient physical activity17172533
High blood pressure28252019
High cholesterol24324659
High fasting glucose7997
  1. Populations referred to are adults 18 years or older, except for tobacco use (15 years or older) and high cholesterol (25 years or older). Overweight defined as body mass index ≥25 kg/m2, high blood pressure as ≥140 mmHg (systolic) or > 90 mmHg (diastolic), high cholesterol as ≥5.0 mmol/L, and high fasting glucose as ≥7.0 mmol/L.
  2. Adapted from [6]