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Table 1 Descriptive characteristics of the primary study cohort. MRI positive data is shown as the PI-RADS score of ≥ 3 or ≥ 4. Detection rates for cancer are shown for any cancer, and using definitions of ≥ Grade Group 2 (GG2 or ≥ Cambridge Prognostic Group 3 [CPG3]. Excludes 9 men with missing data not included in the analysis

From: Clinical utility and cost modelling of the phi test to triage referrals into image-based diagnostic services for suspected prostate cancer: the PRIM (Phi to RefIne Mri) study

Cohort descriptorsN = 545
Age (median) (inter-quartile range)66 (60,70) years
PSA (median) (inter-quartile range)8 (6,13) ng/ml
PHI (median) (inter-quartile range)44 (30,69)
MRI (3–5)77%
MRI (4–5)58%
Any cancer detection64%
≥ GG2 cancer detection47%
≥ CPG3 cancer detection32%