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Table 1 The search strategy for Scopus and Epistemonikos

From: Addressing challenges for clinical research responses to emerging epidemics and pandemics: a scoping review

(zika* OR zikv* OR ebola* OR “middle east respiratory syndrome*” OR “MERS-CoV” OR h7n9 OR h1n1 OR h5n1 OR nipah OR cholera* OR “yellow fever” OR influenza OR ((outbreak* OR pandemic* OR epidemic*) AND (“infectious disease*” OR “communicable disease*”))) AND (research OR “clinical trial*” OR “vaccin* trial*”) AND (politic* OR economic* OR administrat* OR regulat* OR logistic* OR ethic* OR social* OR cultur* OR behavior* OR behaviour*) AND (barrier* OR bottleneck* OR delay* OR “time delay*” OR expedite* OR solution* OR facilitate*).