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Table 2 Study setting and type of outbreaks. Several of the articles focused on a global perspective covered more than one type of outbreak

From: Addressing challenges for clinical research responses to emerging epidemics and pandemics: a scoping review

Outbreak settingEbola and other VHFs, nArboviruses, nCNS infections, nARI^, nEpidemics*, nTotal, n (%)
Africa351137 (44)
Asia11 (1)
Europe178 (9)
Latin America and the Caribbean213 (4)
North America55 (6)
Global perspective1326930 (36)
Total, n (%)49 (58)4 (5)1 (1)19 (23)11 (13)84 (100)
  1. VHF viral haemorrhagic fevers, Arboviruses arthropod-borne viruses, CNS central nervous system, ARI acute respiratory infections
  2. *Non-specified emergency epidemics
  3. ^Includes articles focused on influenza, severe acute respiratory infections and pandemics