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Table 1 Baseline characteristics and model-predicted release costs for current and future release areas. Prices are in present value 2018 USD. Figures in brackets represent 95% uncertainty intervals. All costs are discounted at 3% per annum. Accel. denotes accelerated; Seq. denotes sequenced

From: The cost-effectiveness of controlling dengue in Indonesia using wMel Wolbachia released at scale: a modelling study

 Existing areaCandidate sites
 Yogyakarta CityYogyakarta SARJakartaBali
Residents (millions)0.463.2411.194.08
Percentage of people covered by Wolbachia10065.910059.7
Area (km2)37.243666.21764.486476.03
Percentage of area eligible for Wolbachia10024.899.914.9
Density in covered area (persons/km2)12,351235214,6472532
Total cost (US$ millions)Accel.Seq.Accel.Seq.Accel.Seq.Accel.
5.84 (5.81–5.87)27.41 (27.37–27.45)30.68 (30.65–30.73)83.33 (83.22–83.49)133.30 (133.14–133.49)34.88(34.81–34.93)51.66 (51.57–51.72)
Cost per person covered12.70 (12.63–12.77)12.83 (12.81–12.85)14.36 (14.35–14.38)7.45 (7.44–7.46)11.92 (11.90–11.93)14.32 (14.29–14.34)21.21 (21.17–21.23)