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Table 4 Regression estimates for models including each one of the five different race categories (one at a time). All models also included young population (Young), population density (Density), and medium household income (Income) as predictors, which were always significant (as they were in the final model reported in Table 3)

From: An ecological study of socioeconomic predictors in detection of COVID-19 cases across neighborhoods in New York City

Race Estimate 95% CI p value
White1 0.0018 −0.0027, −0.0008 <0.001
Black1 0.0011 0.0003, 0.0018 <0.001
Hispanic1 0.0002 −0.0008, 0.0012 0.718
Asian1 0.0000 −0.0013, 0.0014 0.966
Other1 0.0015 −0.0035, 0.0064 0.588
  1. 1Percentage of population identifying as given race
  2. *Significant at α=0.05
  3. Includes American Indian and Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders, Caribbean, and Mixed Race