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Table 2 Predictor of integrated medical and long-term care resource consumption

From: Development of a predictive model for integrated medical and long-term care resource consumption based on health behaviour: application of healthcare big data of patients with circulatory diseases

Health behaviour   Broad adherence No.
Secondary prevention Secondary prevention (Integrated) 1
 Health check-ups, number per year   *  
 Items of check-ups, number per year   *  
Tertiary prevention    
 Rehabilitation intensity, units/year Rehabilitation intensity 2
 Guidance (e.g. lifestyle-related disease), number per year Guidance 3
 PDC, % PDC 4
Overlapping outpatient service    
 Outpatients visits, number per year Overlapping outpatient visits 5
 Clinical laboratory and physiological tests, number per year Overlapping clinical laboratory and physiological tests 6
Medical attendance behaviour Medical attendance (Integrated) 7
 Inpatient days, days per year   **  
 Outpatients visits, number per year   **  
 Dispensing, number per year   **  
Public behaviour    
 Generic drug rate, % Generic drug rate 8
   (Complementary Indicators)
   Follow-up period  
  1. Integrated into an adherence 1* or adherence 7** index by machine learning (see Table 1)
  2. Abbreviations: PDC proportion of days covered