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Table 2 Sensitivity analyses stratified by sex, excluding children with neuropsychiatric disorders and children with a family history of anxiety/depression

From: Anxiety and depression in children and adolescents with obesity: a nationwide study in Sweden

 Crude HR (95% CI); pAdjusted HR (95% CI); p
Anxiety and/or depressive disorders
 Girls1.61 (1.35–1.92)***1.56 (1.31–1.87)***
 Boys2.04 (1.65–2.53)***2.04 (1.64–2.54)***
Anxiety disorder
 Girls1.55 (1.27–1.89)***1.49 (1.22–1.82)***
 Boys1.86 (1.46–2.39)***1.88 (1.46–2.42)***
Depressive disorder
 Girls1.81 (1.42–2.30)***1.80 (1.41–2.29)***
 Boys2.69 (1.94–3.72)***2.68 (1.92–3.74)***
  1. HRs show a risk of anxiety and depression for the obesity cohort versus the comparison group for girls and boys respectively. Adjusted HRs controlled for Nordic background and SES. Sample in adjusted HR; girls: obesity cohort n = 2432, comparison group n = 15,746; boys: obesity cohort n = 2469, comparison group n = 16,882. Number of total events of anxiety or depressive disorders: girls n = 788, boys n = 472. See the “Methods” section and Additional file 1 for definitions of disorders
  2. ***p < 0.0001
  3. Abbreviations: HRs hazard ratios, SES socioeconomic status