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Table 2 The effect of unpleasant events on negative and positive affect, per group and group * unpleasant event interaction

From: Measuring resilience prospectively as the speed of affect recovery in daily life: a complex systems perspective on mental health

 The Stable groupThe Increase groupInteraction effect
Negative affectPositive affectNegative affectPositive affectNegative affectPositive affect
Lag 00.09*< 0.01−0.11*< 0.010.11*< 0.01−0.15*<−0.050.19
Lag 1−0.010.62−0.030.300.05*< 0.01−0.08*< 0.010.05*0.02−0.060.15
Lag 30.020.380.010.830.040.17−0.010.850.020.59−0.020.72
Lag 40.000.950.000.880.010.70−0.030.440.020.59−0.040.43
  1. *indicates significant (< 0.05) effect