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Fig. 1

From: Remission of autoimmune diabetes by anti-TCR combination therapies with anti-IL-17A or/and anti-IL-6 in the IDDM rat model of type 1 diabetes

Fig. 1

Effects of anti-TCR combination therapies on the metabolic profile of IDDM rats after diabetes manifestation. a–d Blood glucose concentration (mmol/l) changes are shown for the responding rats in response to the different anti-TCR combination therapies a with anti-IL-6 (5/7), b anti-IL-17A (7/10) or c in the triple combination (6/10) compared to d the normoglycaemic healthy (n = 6) and to the acutely diabetic untreated IDDM rats (n = 6). The first dashed line at day 0 indicates the start of therapy (first biopsy) and the second dashed line at day 5 indicates the end of therapy (second biopsy). e Serum C-peptide concentration changes (pmol/l) are shown for rats responding and non-responding to the different combination therapies of anti-TCR with anti-IL-6 or anti-IL-17A alone or in combination. Data are mean values ± SEM. Comparison of the different experimental groups by one-way ANOVA followed by Bonferroni test ***p < 0.001 to the healthy control, $p < 0.05 to anti-TCR combination with anti-IL-6, §§§p < 0.001 to anti-TCR combination with anti-IL-17A, and ###p < 0.001 to triple combination for each observation time point

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