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Fig. 2

From: Remission of autoimmune diabetes by anti-TCR combination therapies with anti-IL-17A or/and anti-IL-6 in the IDDM rat model of type 1 diabetes

Fig. 2

Relation between initial blood glucose concentration and β cell mass after end of therapy. a After anti-TCR combination therapy with anti-IL-6 or b with anti-IL-17A or c with both cytokine antibodies together. The β cell mass showed the highest values after triple combination, followed by the double combination with anti-IL-17A and the lowest values after double combination with anti-IL-6. Remarkably, the starting blood glucose concentrations granting therapy success differed between the three analysed groups without a blood glucose concentration window for anti-TCR combination with anti-IL-6 and with starting blood glucose concentrations below 13 mmol/l for the anti-TCR combination with anti-IL-17A and 17 mmol/l for the triple combination compared to those above these glucose values

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