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Fig. 4

From: Remission of autoimmune diabetes by anti-TCR combination therapies with anti-IL-17A or/and anti-IL-6 in the IDDM rat model of type 1 diabetes

Fig. 4

Immune cell infiltration in pancreatic islets of IDDM rats after successful anti-TCR combination therapies. a–d β Cells (green) and immune cells (red) were examined in islets from animals successfully treated with anti-TCR and anti-IL-6 (b) or with anti-TCR and anti-IL-17A (c) or with anti-TCR and both cytokine antibodies (d) after diabetes manifestation and compared to the untreated diabetic situation (a). Islets were immunostained for insulin (green) and CD68 macrophages (red), CD8 T cells (red), or γ,δ T cells (red) and counterstained with DAPI (blue). Erythrocytes were identified by yellow to orange colour through auto-fluorescence in the red and green channel. In each group, 40 to 80 islets in the pancreases were analysed

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