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Table 1 Research priorities identified at the Long Covid Forum. Framework for identifying research needs from the Long COVID Forum

From: Research priorities for Long Covid: refined through an international multi-stakeholder forum

Research priorities (aligned to the WHO mid-term and long-term research priorities: 2019 novel coronavirus [4]) Identified sub-priority for Long Covid Populations (multi-country studies needed)
Virus: natural history, transmission and diagnosis - Identify pathogenesis
- Investigate the impact of chronic and acute co-infections
Hospitalised patients; non-hospitalised patients; clinical diagnosis only, individuals; children; vulnerable communities; resource-constrained populations
Epidemiological studies - Define the clinical presentations of Long Covid and characterise the burden and spectrum of Long Covid across populations according to clear case definition
- Determine any associations between host genetic factors and Long Covid
Clinical characterisation and management - Agree case definition and diagnosis
- Establish causality
-Relationship between acute disease and Long Covid development
- Describe underlying mechanisms to identify potential therapeutic targets
- Investigate pathogenesis to explain, e.g. thrombotic tendencies, organ impairment
- Investigate the impact of chronic and acute co-infections and co-morbidities
- Characterise mental health and neurological impacts
Candidate therapeutics R&D - Investigate antiviral and anti-inflammatory therapeutics and therapeutic timings to prevent Long Covid
- Investigate therapeutics to treat Long Covid symptoms and non-pharmaceutical interventions
Candidate vaccines R&D - Investigate the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on people with Long Covid
- Investigate whether vaccination prevents Long Covid
- Investigate re-infection in people with Long Covid and impact on vaccine priority list
Social sciences in the outbreak response - Health systems research on identifying and supporting Long Covid cases (through holistic care)