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Table 1 Interventions included in NMA and their abbreviations

From: Comparing efficacy and safety in catheter ablation strategies for atrial fibrillation: a network meta-analysis

Interventions included in the NMA Abbreviations of interventions included in NMA
Electrocardiogram based ablation EGM
Ganglia plexi ablation GP
Non-PVI lines ablation lines
Pulmonary vein isolation PVI
PVI and bi-atrial modification PVI + BI-mod
PVI and combination of additional lines ablation and electrocardiogram-based ablation PVI + comb
PVI and electrocardiogram-based ablation PVI + EGM
PVI and ganglia plexi ablation PVI + GP
PVI and left atrial auricle isolation PVI + LAA
PVI and additional lines ablation PVI + lines
PVI, posterior box isolation ± additional lines ablation PVI + posterior ± lines
PVI and renal denervation PVI + RDN
PVI and substrate modification PVI + SUB-mod
PVI, superior vena cava isolation ± additional line ablation PVI + SVC ± lines
PVI and stepwise approach PVI + step
Isolation of some pulmonary veins PVI partly
PVI and trigger ablation PVI + trig
Single box isolation Single box
Single box isolation and additional lines Single box + lines
Antiarrhythmic drugs AAD (used only in a sensitivity analysis)