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Table 2 Risk genes verified by Mendelian randomization (MR) and colocalization using brain pQTL

From: Identification of novel proteins for lacunar stroke by integrating genome-wide association data and human brain proteomes

  Gene Beta SE P value Evidence for replication H4 PP4/(PP3+PP4) Causal variant
1 CAND2 −0.758 0.176 1.71E−05 Yes 0.94 0.99 Yes
2 ICA1L −2.531 0.493 2.81E−07 Yes 0.99 0.99 Yes
3 ALDH2 1.157 0.314 2.28E−04 Yes 0.75 0.92 Yes
4 MADD 1.161 0.398 3.53E−03 Yes - - -
  1. This table shows the Beta, SE, and P values for the MR. MR P values and a direction of effect consistent with the discovery and replication PWAS results. For the 4 FDR-significant genes in the discovery lacunar stroke PWAS, the result of COLOC H4, which is the Bayesian posterior probability that a genetic variant is shared by both traits (that is, the genetically regulated protein level and lacunar stroke)