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Table 3 Summary of the 3 lacunar stroke PWAS-significant genes with evidence for being consistent with a causal role in lacunar stroke

From: Identification of novel proteins for lacunar stroke by integrating genome-wide association data and human brain proteomes

   Gene  Chromosome Discovery PWAS Confirmation PWAS Confirmation MR Evidence for causality TWAS significant
1 ICA1L 2 Significant Replicated Replicated Yes Yes
2 CAND2* 3 Significant Replicated Replicated Yes N/A
3 ALDH2* 12 Significant Replicated Replicated Yes No
  1. N/A, refers to genes that did not have significant heritability estimates to be included in the TWAS of lacunar stroke
  2. *New gene refers to genes not within a 1-Mb window of SNPs with P < 5.23 × 10−8 identified in Taylor et al. lacunar stroke GWAS