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Table 3 Transparent Expert Consultation (TEC) considerations and participants

From: Evaluating complex interventions in End of Life Care: the MORECare Statement on good practice generated by a synthesis of transparent expert consultations and systematic reviews

TEC summit topic Areas considered in TEC workshops Number of attendees Number of online responders Backgrounds of individuals attending and responding
Ethics[20] (1) Participation in research; (2) Research ethics committee approval; (3) Informed consent 28 26 ethicists, academics, researchers, members of research ethics committees, clinicians, service providers, commissioners, patients/carers
Outcomes[22] (1) Outcome measure properties; (2) Optimal time points; (3) Validity of proxy data 31 28 academics, researchers, clinicians, commissioners, experts in outcome measurement
Mixed methods[23] (1) Phase I and pre-clinical studies; (2) Phase II and III studies and trials; (3) Implementation studies 33 26 journal editors, academics, researchers, clinicians, experts in health services research/mixed methodology, patients/carers
Statistics[21] (1) Missing data; (2) Attrition; (3) Response shift 20 19 statisticians, researchers, academics, clinicians, patients/carers
Health economics[24] (1) Cost methods and relevance to EoLC; (2) Outcome assessment; (3) Equity issues. 28 34 health economists, service commissioners, researchers, academics, clinicians, patients/carers
TOTAL   140 133  
  1. EoLC, end of life care.